Precision dental Instrumentation

Wusten Purple is an idea born out of a passion for precision in the field of dentistry and a burning frustration at the inadequacy of available instruments. It is the brainchild of two clinicians working at the dental practice of a bustling world class health-care facility. Tired of waiting for the market to respond to their needs, they decided to re-design the tools that they have worked with, to achieve the quality that they demanded in their own work. In collaboration with R&D houses in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA, they engaged in a meticulous process of designing, developing and testing cutting edge tools for the working clinician.

The Wusten Purple approach to dentistry centers on the manufacture of products that enables dental health practitioners to consistently meet or exceed professional operational standards. We strive to create top calibre products through the fostering of close, long-term, interactive relationships between the manufacturer, the clinician and the patient. All of our designs aid the discerning professional deliver a level of excellence that simply was not possible before.

Ultimately, Wusten Purple aims to empower the working clinician with tools designed for optimal performance, ergonomical alignment and functional comfort. These are the guiding principles at the very heart of our design, manufacture and service processes. Every product that we design maximizes clinical potential because they are designed and field tested by working dentists - Designed by dentists for dentists!

Wusten Purple | Precision Dental Instrumentation