Precision dental Instrumentation

TTL vs FLIP-UP LOUPES: Cross Infection Control

Asepsis and cross infection control is extremely vital to patient care in the operatory. The chain of asepsis may easily be broken, should the operator touch or adjust the lenses whilst in the middle of a clinical procedure. This is an extremely common issue with the operator trying to reset an already off balanced IPD, in case of the Flip-Up devices. In the case of C Maxx TTL loupes, the lenses are firmly bonded at the set IPD and will not move hence the need to adjust or touch the loupes mid-treatment never arises !

Since the Flip-Up system uses heavier lenses hung in front of the frame, the device is bulkier and heavier in the front. This makes the device slide forward on the bridge of the nose of the operator during extended use. In order to set the device back, the operator is often forced to touch the device during treatment, here again breaking the chain of asepsis. C Maxx TTL loupes are lighter. In the TTL system lenses are positioned in the frame in such a manner that the entire weight is spread uniformly across the titanium frame mounts, secured in place through comfortably fitting lanyard.

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