Precision dental Instrumentation

TTL vs FLIP-UP LOUPES: Depth of field

Depth of field is the area that remains in focus both ahead and behind the centre of your prime focal point, whilst working through a lens system. As mentioned in earlier sections, as the magnification power of the lens increases the depth of filed decreases. For a given magnification, C MAXX TTL system gives the maximum depth of field as compared to an equivalent Flip Up design. Simply because the TTL lenses are mounted on to the frame and are closer to your eye lens whereas the Flip Up lens system invariable is always at a farther distance from your eye lens. It compares to holding a pair of binoculars close to eyes and looking through the same holding it a few centimeters away from your eyes ! Obviously when one holds the optical device away from your eyes, resultant vision is considerably limited and the eye strain in tremendously increased.

For a given magnification TTL lens system gives superior depth of field and a greater field of vision.

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