Precision dental Instrumentation

TTL vs FLIP-UP LOUPES: Custom fixed IPD & Working Distance

TTL stands for,‘Through The Lens’.

When manufacturing a pair of C MAXX Loupes [ TTL ] , the lens system of the magnifying device is custom mounted to match the inter puppilary distance[ distance between the pupil of the left eye to that of the right ]of the operator. The focal lengths of the lenses used are custom milled to match the most ergonomically compliant working distance selected by the operator. The frame, for mounting the lens system of the magnifying device is custom adjusted to suit the dimensions of the head diameter, height of the bridge of the nose and distance between the corner of the eye to the external ear of the operator. Lenses are aligned in position to match the declination angle desired by the operator to fit enable the most comfortable neck position while working on patients.

Flip-Up loupes on the contrary has nothing custom made about them. They are factory made to meet the needs of the general population- one size fits all.Turning a screw device that moves the lenses towards or away from each other sets inter-pupillary distances of the Flip-Up loupes. The operator sets distance by turning the screw, which may alter during use and throw the field of work, off focus, mid-treatment ! The interpuppilary distance is a very sensitive measurement and with continued use, the screw system that controls it may not be able to hold the lenses in position. The lenses in a Flip-Up system are hung in front of a carrier frame using an attaching device, making them heavier and bulky to use. The focal length of the lenses used are manufactured for a widerange of working distances as opposed to the sharp focus provided by the TTL custom milled focal length , based on the working distance desired by the operator.

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