Precision dental Instrumentation

Patients with bone deficiencies, narrow, shallow alveolar bones or atrophy of the jaw require targeted of the bone before implant restoration. Blocks of bone grafts may be taken from the jaw or from the iliac crest region.

Instruments specially designed for bone block extraction are used, for example trephine burs or chisels. Small bone chips can be removed with a bone-scraper. Depending on the size or use, the bone material can be processed with a bone crusher. stoma® has products in their portfolio such as applicators and condensers in different variants for the applying and condensing processes.

stoma® provides a range of bone screws as recommended by specialists to ensure the primary stability of the bone graft or graft-block technique. This consists of titanium screws and steel screws (such as the micro-screw by Prof. Dr. Fouad Khoury) and is complemented by matching accessories such as drills, simple screwdrivers and screwdrivers with grippers.