Precision dental Instrumentation

Practizen is a dental practice management software, with advanced examination and treatment charting, scheduling, progress notes, e-authorization and e-claims.

Are you stuck with software that does not understand how a dental clinic works?

Practizen was designed in the U.S., in consultation with leading dentists in the U.A.E, with many years of clinical, academic and management experience.

Are you fed up with mounting IT expenses with no reliable solution in sight?

Practizen is a secure cloud-based software. You don't need expensive servers and backup solutions. You can also access Practizen from anywhere, just like your email, even when you're on vacation.

Are you unable to reach software support when you really need them?

Practizen provides support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact the support team directly, from within Practizen.

Are claim rejections a constant worry?Do you use separate software to submit your claims?

You can submit e-authorizations and e-claims directly to Daman and many other payers under the jurisdiction of HAAD and DHA. Good riddance to printing, faxing or using separate e-claims software.

Are printing/copying costs adding up?Have bulky office machines become mainstay in your office?

Practizen is already helping clinics operate virtually paper-free. Paper-free offices save money and are environmentally conscious!

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