Precision dental Instrumentation

The stoma product assortment covers the daily product requirement of dental instruments and problem solutions surrounding instrument preparation. Choose from our product range of over 2,000 items. To make the choice of your stoma®-instruments more simple we have subdivided the instruments into product brands and introduced new pictographs. Practising dental surgeons and dentists, oral surgeons, oral-cavity-, maxillo-facial surgeons, plastic surgeons, clinics, universities and academies have appreciated the advantages of direct intensive servicing for many decades now, via our medical product advisers. A personal visit by one of our representatives will give you a hands-on experience as well as an appreciation of the unique quality and ergonomic value of our new and extisting range of products.

We are a medium-sized family business and are committing to the manufacturing location of Germany. We place our trust in direct dialogue with customers for an ongoing expansion and improvement of our services.

Experience the stoma® quality - made in Germany.