Precision dental Instrumentation


WustenPurple, is a tiny idea, born out of the confusion of everyday dental practice at a bustling Armed Forces health-care facility. Two clinicians, decided to re-work & better design ‘tools’ that they have worked with.

The WustenPurple approach to dentistry is one that keeps the commercial face of dentistry at the bottom of the pile. We focus primarily on manufacturing products that directly influence the quality of professional operational standards. All designs, aid the dedicated professional, perform better, finer and with a sharper precision. Empowering the clinician with tools that maximize his clinical potential , provided through optimal, ergonomically aligned functional comfort.

WustenPurple is all about designing with precision, creating high quality products and fostering long-term, interactive relationships between; Manufacturer – Clinician - Patient. When we design, manufacture and service equipment, the above-mentioned guiding principles are kept at the very heart of the process - every step of the way! Every design is centered with the operating dentist in mind - Designed by Dentists for Dentists.

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